Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sordo Interview (Cultural Wealth in the Hood #2): Oxnard Powerviolence...Cultural Responses by Youth of Color

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Haven't spoken with y'all since August!!! Again, my apologies...Still in the process of learning how to balance varying responsibilities and reflecting on how I should of done more of this "punk stuff" when I was younger, haha! But who cares, we're doing it now and that's what matters right? This is an interview with Oxnard/El Rio, California's Sordo. Sordo are a powerviolence band. Powerviolence is a more extreme and spastic manifestation of hardcore punk. As explained in the DIY Noise interview below, "powerviolence" emerged as a subculture within punk in the late 80's and early 90's and has continued well into the present day. 
Before I forget anything here is the link to the Sordo 7" EP. It is AMAZING!!!!

The involvement of youth of color in subcultures is very deep and needs to be further unpacked, situated, and contextualized vis a vis other mechanisms of marginalization, oppression, racialized social control, inadequate schooling etc.

What healthy, creative, and culturally affirming responses can our youth generate to a world that seems to be forgetting them and neglecting them???

Anyhow,  here is the Sordo interview we did a while back (I believe it was late Summer last year), it's audio with images of the band. We still haven't completed Staycool Fanzine #2, but we promise that it will be JAM PACKED and well worth the wait...topics include the Post Morrissey Xican@ essay, Imaginary Chola Complex essay, band pics, interviews, a demo release of our sister label for a new band named Sendero (Revolution Summer meets indigenismo/indigeneity/decolonial hardcore) and a t-shirt. Keep your eyes peeled.

Staycool Fanzine #1.5 Cultural Wealth in the Hood #2

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