Friday, January 6, 2012

Insociable Reflections - Marginalization and Mexican Partying

Yo, been a sweet minute since the last update. It's funny how we try to run away from things but they always end up catching up with us right? I guess some of us are just better at pretending everything is okay and we just go through the motions...whatever...Gangstarr said we all must meet our moment of truth...In the mean time here is a little reflection we came up with. Nothing new...I was just tying to fool around with iMovie, haha!

The video is a simplistic and possibly over simplified analysis of the Botas Picudas phenomenon (Mexican pointy boots and Mexican electro music) juxtaposed with the racism and marginalization suffered by indigenous communities in Chihuahua, Mexico. Kinda was just thinking about how cultural imperialism is manifesting itself in Mexico, via the transposable hedonistic American party/club culture (getting fucked up, one night stands, live to party, bullshit we do to numb ourselves and not face certain uncomfortable realities, right?).

To put it in colloquial Chicano English..."Anywayyyyzzzz..." Since the last blog update I started work/teaching and that has always kicked my ass, in addition to taking up a significant portion of my time. That said, I was unable to work on issue number 2 until Winter Break (which just flew by) and so far it looks pretty cool. This issue is gonna deal with "Facing the Pain"...sometimes we just gotta pull up our pants, roll up our sleeves, and say "fuck it" right?

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  1. Yes, also Wirikuta and Ostula, we haven't forgotten...and now that I look at it even the Occupy movement I speak of is problematic given the role of White folks, sorry I forgot to elaborate on that. I didn't even bring that aspect up. My fault. I do wanna emphasize how wack Univision and Telemundo are, haha!